Giace della Sicania al golfo avanti un’isoletta
che a Plemmirio ondoso è posta incontro, e
dagli antichi è detta per nome Ortigia.
A quest’isola è fama, che per vie sotto il mare
il greco Alfeo vien, da Doride intatto,
infin d’Arcadia per bocca d’Aretusa a mescolarsi
con l’onde di Sicilia…

(Virgilio, Eneide, libro III-1095)


Nearly two thousand years ago she sang Virgil in the Aeneid the coast of Syracuse, the peninsula Plemmirio and Capo Murro di Porco, which was seen in the centuries as a border between land and sea; today, however, is the heart of the Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio. This is where we start to lead you to discover the natural beauty above and below the surface, to dive together in a sea full of history and life.

Diving & Equipment

“Capo Murro diving center” is located in the characteristic marina of Ognina near Siracusa.
The center is equipped with toilets, hot water showers, a large veranda, shop, refill zone, private jetty 10 metres from the embarkation.


80 cylinders

a total of 80 cylinders from8.5, 10, 12, 15 and 18 litres in steel, all biattacco INT/DIN


12 double tanks
12 double tanks bewteen 7+7; 8,5+8,5; 10+10; 12+12
Refill area
refill area for air/ nitrox / trimix

2 DPV suex (underwater scooter)

Pipes for free diving in trim and constant slide for tilting
Rubber dinghy
1 rubber dinghy di 7,8 metri equipped with outboard motor 225 cv (rispetta le più severe norme sulla tutela dell’ambiente EPA/EU 2006 / CARB 3 STELLE) approved for carrying 18 passengers

  • 1 rubby dinghy (9,3 metres) equipped with outboard motor 225 cv (rigged with respect and in accordance with the environmental normsEPA/EU 2006) approved for 34 people
  • 1 rubber dinghy (9,9 metres) with outboard motor 225 cv (rigged with respect and in accordance with the environmental normsEPA/EU 2006) to carry 30 people
  • All vessels are equipped with oxygen and first aid kits.

Diving Staff

Fabio Portella

Instructor and Guide

Curriculum Vitae
  • Federal instructor AR M3  FIPSAS-CONI-CMAS
  • Federal instructor for free-diving MAp 1 FIPSAS-CONI-CMAS
  • Officail examiner of ARA FIPSAS-CONI,
  • Offical examiner for free-diving exams FIPSAS-CONI,
  • Instructor of Padi O.W.S.I. n° 985236
  • Istruttore E.F.R. (Emergency First Response) CPR/AED/First Aid-Infant-Child-Adult
  • Lifesaver (Società Nazionale Salvament) National lifesaving association
  • Operator for BLS-D Emergency services- 118,
  • Professional hyperbaric chamber FIPSAS-CONI-CMAS,
  • Unlimited Nautical license
  • Instructor Trainer ISDA Tek Dive, Nitrox Decompression, Deep Air
  • Instructor Trainer ISDA Cavern, Cave Diving, Full Cave
  • Co-author of “Plemmirio. Area Marina Protetta di Siracusa. Guida alle immersioni” (Plemmirio, the Protected marine Area of Siracus. Diving guide
  • Co-author of “Manuale Federale per istruttori” (Official training manual) on behalf of FIPSAS
  • Co-author of “Manuale Federale d’immersione per sommozzatore esperto” (the official diving manual for expert scuba divers) on behalf of FIPSAS
  • Author of “Un mare di curiosità – Le curiosità per conoscere e per raccontare il Mare” (A sea of wonders- the curiosity for exploring and narrating the sea) on behalf of FIPSAS
  • Co-author of “Manuale Federale di apnea” (Official Manual for Free-Diving) on behalf of FIPSAS
  • Instructor FIPSAS-CONI-CMAS with the following specializations:
    • Subaquatic Archeology (OTAS)
    • Civil protection
    • ARO
    • Diving for the disabled
    • Muta stagna
    • Underwater fishing
    • Immersioni fuori curva
    • Immersioni in quota
    • Marine biology
    • BLS-D
    • Oxygen
    • Caving
    • Nitrox basic
    • Nitrox advanced
    • Nitrox extended

In cooperation with Sea Shepherd Italy

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