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Halcyon Evolve 40

Halcyon evolves complete Halcyon Evolve MC System Kit. The Halcyon Evolve MC System is composed of: Backrest in stainless steel or aluminum. Harness with dirstyle system complete with Sottocavallo hardware with Dring Sacco



Halcyon Erogatore

The unsurpassed performance of the Halcyon H-75P first stage is guaranteed by the balanced piston system that allows maximum performance at any cylinder pressure. The regulator is equipped with a revolving turret that allows you to better configure the routing of the hoses. Anti-freeze system 2 high pressure outlets, 5 low pressure outlets 300 Bar DIN, compatible with oxygenated mixtures up to 40%



Halcyon Torcia Focus 2

Represents a new generation of illuminators in the era of primary LED torches, blending together the performance of a Halcyon primary illuminator with the size and maneuverability of a recreational torch. The FOCUS has an adjustable light beam that allows you to switch from a concentrated and intense beam to a wide beam ideal for underwater video recordings.


1.550,00 €

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