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The various stages of formal training – the courses – are the pillars of our ability to adequately manage excursions in the underwater environment; they are the moments in which the foundations are established on which one will then be able to build positive experiences. For years the gap between the skills needed in real diving and what is offered in diving training has steadily increased; just think, for example, of the exercises kneeling on the bottom and what happens instead in real dives. In the GUE courses we teach exactly how much we practice in diving, without shortcuts and without losing sight of the objective: to give divers the skills that allow them to be at ease, competent and aware in diving, and to really have fun diving; In the last decade, GUE training is increasingly becoming the reference for the diving training industry. GUE courses are based on pedagogical principles and structured by teaching professionals; are based on multi-sensory teaching principles (reading / listening, seeing, trying dry, practicing diving with the support of an honest debriefing) – They use a wide range of tools ranging from educational videos, dry exercises, use underwater cameras and video debriefing. Each student is required to complete an anonymous online questionnaire at the end of the course to give feedback on the course itself and on the instructor’s abilities.
This is not a sample check but a scrupulous tool through which as an organization we try to maintain the highest standards of quality and control. With the courses and the training system of the Global Underwater Explorers – GUE – in the last 10 years we have formed a new generation of divers whose competence and ability is unprecedented, and we have put them in a position to enjoy their dives and go in tranquility where before was unthinkable.
Whether basic or advanced, GUE courses are intense and fun educational experiences that perhaps only those who have experienced them firsthand can describe; it is to these divers that we invite you to contact, to have a sincere and transparent, non-promotional but realistic feedback.

dry suit primer


The course is designed to give the diver all possible weapons to find in water that confidence and comfort that only the dry suit can offer you.


duration of the course: 2 days
gas used: nitrox 32

double tank primer


The course covers the various aspects of equipment configuration, an accurate description of the materials used, set-up, trim, pre-dive sequences and all the specific exercises for the use of the double tank.


duration of the course: 2 days
gas used: nitrox 32

rec 1


The course includes the use of the Hogartian configuration that will accompany the diver throughout his career, allowing him to acquire solid foundations right from the start. The course enables you to dive also in nitrox up to 21 meters.


gas uSED: nitrox 32

rec 2

(rescue, navigation) 

The course includes a part of salvation with the practice of some scenarios and a part of navigation and research also with the use of a trimix mixture: triox 30/30. The course enables you to dive up to a maximum depth of 30 meters in nitrox and triox.


duration of the course: 5 days
gas used: nitrox 32 and triox 30/30

rec 3

(trimax 40)

The course includes the use of mixtures of trimix and a decompression tank, exercises designed to strengthen team dynamics, awareness of the situation, emergency management.


duration of the course: 5 days
gas used: triox 30/30 and trimix 40


During the course, the mechanical and constructive aspects of the different units are studied in depth, precision and control in driving are analyzed, possible emergencies are analyzed and tested in water.


duration of the course: 3 days
gas used:nitrox 32


The aim of the course is to train solid divers through exercises designed to improve attitude, posture, propulsion techniques, equipment management and much more …


duration of the course: 4 days
gas used:nitrox 32

tech pass

Indispensable prerequisite for access to technical courses (Tech 1, Cave 1). The evaluation is performed in one day.


The course prepares ambitious divers to embark on a technical journey safely, confidently and with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

GAS USED: NITROX 32, 21/35, 18/45

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