Following security clearance awarded by the Sovrintendenza per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali del mare (Superintendence for the cultural heritage and environment of the sea) and the Captain of the Port of Siracusa our Diving Centre has the right to dive and give guided tours around relicts and wrecks which are otherwise prohibited. For divers who are adequately trained, the Diving centre is able to conduct guided tours around the following wrecks:

The English aeroplane Fairey Fulmar

Shot down in the month of October in 1941 which rests on a sandy seabed at a depth of 20m

The Allied transport ship “Baarn”

Sunk during the landing operations of allied forces in July 1943 (“Operation Husky”). It is found on a sandy bed at a depth of 47 m off the coast of Avola

The Merchant ship “Nevada”

Sunk in 1979. It lies in attitude at a depth of 52 m on a sandy bed. By local divers it is often called the “Nave del sale” (the salt ship) as in its last voyage it was transporting sea salt

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